New SAFE Member Benefits

Aviation educator’s are always looking for ways to hone their skills in training professional pilots. Fortunately, the industry is blessed with gifted innovators who create and offer tools that help instructors do their jobs better. One organization that is working to bring the two together is the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE). SAFE’s Vision Statement reads “SAFE is a member-centric, professional organization for aviation educators. SAFE facilitates the professional development of aviation educators; it seeks improved learning materials for all aviation students, and a safer aviation environment.” SAFE’s Mission is to “. . . to create a safer aviation environment through enhanced education. SAFE provides aviation educators with mentoring, support, and professional accreditation. By providing quality educational materials and other resources, we seek a reduction in aviation accidents, increased professionalism among aviation educators, and lifelong learning by everyone involved in aviation.” In an attempt to stay true to both the vision and mission of the organization, SAFE is offering new benefits to its membership through the generosity of two industry leaders. Most recently SAFE announced the addition of two new products; eKneeBoard, by AnywhereEducation and iFlightPlanner, by iFlightPlanner. Follow this link to read the announcement. Let’s work together to create safer skies by training safer and more professional pilots.