AOPA ASI Spring Safety Seminar

I had the privilege of presenting AOPA Air Safety Institute Safety Seminars for eight years. The new spring seminar “NONTOWERED CASE STUDIES: WHAT WENT WRONG?” is going to be yet another excellent product given around the country by ASI’s outstanding presenters. This seminar schedule will begin in early January 2017, so I encourage you to go to AOPA’s website and find a seminar near you – you won’t regret it. Here is what AOPA has to say about this seminar:

“Flying at nontowered fields is a balancing act. Especially on busy days, they demand concentration, communication, sharp eyes, solid stick-and-rudder skills, and the ability to improvise at a moment’s notice. Sometimes the margin for error can be very slim.

With that in mind, ASI’s new seminar turns a spotlight on real-life accidents in the nontowered environment. Together with our expert presenters, you’ll play the role of accident investigator—starting at the crash scene and working backwards through physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, and other leads to figure out what went wrong, and why.

Take a friend, a group or a club and have a great time with likeminded aviators. This is a good chance to be reminded of something you knew at one time or maybe add a new tool to your safety toolbar that you may need to use one day. Who knows the information you gain from this seminar may be the difference in a safe outcome for you or another aviator on a future flight.